The Truth About Who’s Winning Between Live and Online Gambling –

The Truth About Who’s Winning Between Live and Online Gambling

Also known as internet gambling or iGambling, online gambling is very popular nowadays in fact its popularity continues to increase. Lotteries and many more, this were once available only in Casinos and played live. But not until 1990’s where Online gambling was introduced and since then it is getting more and more popular.

Obviously, one of its advantage is its convenience and comfort, which attracts people to play from the comfort of home via their computers which is connected to the internet.  And yes, it also has its disadvantage. Say for example Poker, if you're skill and strategy merely relies in reading facial expressions, body movements and ability to detect bluffs to win the bet then playing online poker is not your best choice, there's no “pokerface” in online poker as well.  And since it is gambling it involves money or any valuable materials, thus you can say its good if you'd win and not good if you lose.

Online gambling has its good and bad sides. To some, this is better than playing at live casinos and to some it is not. Some people prefer to play or gamble at live Casinos because they love the huge crowd thus makes it more exciting and tense.  In contradiction, some people does not like a noisy and crowded places and does not like to mingle or communicate with other people so they prefer playing online at home. Customer service is there in an instant when you play live at Casinos whereas you need to ask someone in your house to have a glass of wine.

With the latest technology, computer and the internet people has find various ways to find leisure and past time. Before it was introduced people has spent more time as compared to present. From office or house, they need to travel to casino to play and find leisure. Nowadays, they'll just turn their computer on and access the internet to play and gamble find a convenient and comfortable spot then that's it, they can relax and play at the same time. Before, people who bets on lottery needs to go to lottery booths to place their bets whereas now you just place and send your bet through the internet. 

Well i also gamble and i love poker other than other card games, and for me i like to play poker either live or online. I like to play it live when not tired mostly during weekends, i just like the thrill and blank faces, pokerface and bluffs when in poker tables, its fun. I play online at home when i feel like playing poker during weekdays from work.

Good thing about live and gambling is that you now have the choices, whether playing it live at the Casinos and play it online at home at your convenience and comfort, unlike before.

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